IOTA fundation, employees, community and future

Hallo Roman, how is determined the future from IOTA? if the fundation fails, it goes down? the money is supported by the community donating? The founders can keep/buy Iota? my question is how it can be… that so many people is on IOTA, so many partners and the price is continue going down in the last months… it is like every people is keeping like 1000 Miota and that’s all? the fundation is really big and so many people and developers but no one is buying ? they don’t trust?
sorry for so many questions but it is hard to believe we are more inteligent (holding/buying) than the people they are working there.
Viele grusse and thanks for your time.

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Hey Ramiro,
these are the most common questions these days.
For one, the IOTA Foundation is financially well positioned.
Furthermore, they also receive subsidies from institutions (as far as I know, even government subsidies).

The reason for the stagnating price is because IOTA is not used on „washtrading Exchanges“.

But also because the IOTA Foundation does not do marketing.
IOTA is more of a protocol than a mass coin.
But you have to say that this is the only way for the IoT future.

Also, people argue that because IOTA has no transaction fees, the coin is worthless.
This is a misconception because all services (Qubic, IOTA Marketplace, Alvarium, etc.) are paid in IOTA.

Best regards

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